General aesthetic department

To the paid department are accepted: children of preschool age, children who have not passed the competitive selection to the basic department, adults.

Children of school age, who are engaged in paid groups, can choose any subjects stipulated by the school program for attendance.

Groups of adults are formed of pupils older than 18 years. They can visit classes of drawing, painting with water colors, painting with oil, design, applied art. Quite often pupils of these groups are graduates of the school and even parents of our pupils, who do not wish to lag behind their children. The curriculum of adults is estimated as one-year long.

In the groups for children of preschool age study children from 5 years and up. At lessons of drawing and moulding the kids learn about the possibilities of various art materials and study how to use them. The tasks of the program are diverse by content and performance technique. At lessons-conversations on art the kids receive initial knowledge on the history of culture in game form. Delicately, without breaking the internal harmony of the child, without suppressing his individuality, the teachers try to preserve in their works the delight, naivety and spontaneity, with which children perceive the world around them, for many years.